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I created this blog primarily to help publicize my Civil War novel, Amanda’s Civil War, In the Great Smoky Mountains, which takes place in Northeast Tennessee. I researched that area quite a bit because I wanted my fictionalized story to include real historical settings and events. During all that research, I discovered many interesting people and events that are just begging for their stories to be told.

The northeastern tip of the state of Tennessee was the site of many important events and battles during the American Civil War. That area was the site of anti-secessionist meetings, bridge burnings followed by hangings, and an overabundance of Civil War battles, raids, and skirmishes for such a small space.

What began as amandascivilwar.com

has morphed into northeasttennesseecivilwar.com

So I am happy to welcome you to Northeast Tennessee Civil War blog.

For twelve years, 2006 through 2018, I wrote a blog named Civil War Women. But that wasn’t enough for me! In 2007, I started another blog, History of American Women, and began writing about the women who came to Plymouth Rock as Pilgrims.

I was not a healthy or happy person during those years, but I was compelled to continue writing the blogs – it’s women’s history, for God’s sake! And no one else was writing a blog like mine. But the workload finally burned me out. In 2018, my unhealthy brain convinced me that the only solution was to delete both blogs. Of course, I wish I had not done that, but life goes on.

The name on my driver’s license is Margie Lee MacLean, but most people call me Marge, per my request. But my pen name is Maggie MacLean.

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